Professional Experiences

I suppose that I am a naturalist in the making.  That being said, learning about nature is a lifelong process, so in that regard all naturalists are still in the making (at least the good ones are).  Below are some of the steps that I’ve taken along the way.  Feel free to contact me to learn more, or invite me to lead a walk or give a talk.


Assistant Property Manager - Massachusetts Audubon Society, Belmont MA.  2010-present.

Teacher/Naturalist - Massachusetts Audubon Society, Belmont MA.  2010-present.

Traveling Teacher - Readak Educational Services, Acton MA. 2006-2007.

Volunteer Herring Monitor - Mystic River Watershed Association, Arlington MA.  2012.

Volunteer Tree Consultant - Tree Advisory Group, Weston MA. 2012.


Harvard University Extension School - Master of Liberal Arts, Sustainability & Environmental Management.  Expected 2014.

University of Vermont - Bachelor of Arts, Geography & Economics. 2006


Applause for Weston’s Deer Program

Papers (unpublished):

Management of White-tailed Deer in Massachusetts: Ethical & Ecological Implications.

White-tailed Deer as Keystone Herbivores in Northeastern Forests: The Threat of Simplified Alternative Stable States Due to Reduced Plant Survival and Fecundity From Over-browsing.

Not Deer, But Acorns Important Factor in Tick Populations.

Invasibility: What Makes an Ecosystem Prone to Invasion by Exotic Plants?

Managing the Olympic National Forest: A Conflict Between Spotted Owls and Loggers.

Beyond Hemlock Death: Predicted Ecosystem Effects Caused by the Hemlock Woolly Adelgid.  

Guided Walks & Talks:

Things You Didn’t Know About Stumps & Logs

Using Bark to Identify Trees

Signs That Animals Have Been Here

Forestry for Boy Scouts 

Forest Skills for Teens

Landscaping for Birds

Managing White-tailed Deer in Eastern Massachusetts

Bird-a-thon trip leader


Conduct Bird Habitat Assesments for Sustaining Family Forest Initiative  

Train Foresters for the Birds

Trained in Tools for Engaging Landowners Effectively 

Panel Speaker at Mass Audubon Statewide Outdoor Education Conference

Hemlock Woolly Adelgid Monitoring & Reporting

Salamander Cover-board Monitoring & Reporting